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Emerson-Academy-Front-PhotoEmerson Academy is a facility that meets ADA accessibility standards, which includes six classrooms, an adaptive Infant/Toddler playground and a state of the art IPEMA "CERTIFIED" playground for children ages 2 and up.

Our classrooms were designed to allow more time for teachers to build emotionally supportive relationships and provide optimal learning experiences. Well-designed environments support exploration, give young children a sense of control, and enable children to engage in focused, self-directed play. Emerson Academy classrooms provide various places to explore, supporting the functional areas of development such as gross-motor activity, early literacy development, symbolic/dramatic play, manipulative play, and sensory development. Each classroom is flexible enough to support children's varying developmental abilities, including language and behavioral needs.

Our custom designed play-scape was constructed using recycled plastic to create bright and colorful play spaces for our students.  It contains play panels and elements that address the capabilities of both young toddlers and preschool aged children, as well as encouraging interaction with other children and adults.  In addition, the fenced play ground area includes a tricycle path for riding vehicles, an art easel and a play house for dramatic play.  Our adaptive infant/toddler playground includes a shade cover, turf surfacing, innovative design and construction by local playground expert, Richard Wood of Playwood Playscapes.

Our facility also includes a large garden space where children will have the opportunity to participate in spring and fall gardening. The children also interact with miniature horses, miniature goats and pot bellied pigs in our small farm where they learn valuable science and social lessons.

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Emerson Academy is located at 1 Valley View Drive, Round Rock Texas, 78664

Emergency Evacuation

Emerson Academy’s emergency evacuation site is Pump It Up, located at 3918 Gattis School Rd. Suite 100.  In the event of an emergency such as a fire or prolonged electricity outage in severe weather, we will evacuate the children and notify families immediately. 

Contact Us

1 Valley View Drive
Round Rock, Texas 78664 
  Phone: (512) 252-0400
Fax:(512) 252-0401
Sarah Johnson, Executive Director                   
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Crystal Oliver, Program Director
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Yvonne Gomez, Assistant Director
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